Starting school is an exciting and important step in your child’s life and your own! We are very proud of Paraparaumu Beach School and work hard to fulfil our vision of caringsharing and preparing our children for all facets of life. At Paraparaumu Beach School we look forward to working with you and your child to make this important stage rewarding and positive.

Parents of prospective students are most welcome to call in and have a look around our school, request further information about the school and its programmes, or make an appointment to talk to either; the School Principal, Deputy Principal or Tātahi Syndicate Administrator.

If you live in the school zone and are interested in enrolling your child at Paraparaumu Beach School, their name is placed on an enrolment list. This list means that approximately six weeks before your child turns five, the Tātahi Syndicate Administrator will make contact with you, to arrange and schedule dates and times for your child's pre-school visits.  In New Zealand, children may be admitted to State Primary schools on, or after, their fifth birthday, but must be enrolled by the time they turn six.

Enrolment Forms and Information

You will be asked to complete our school’s enrolment form, provide your child's Birth Certificate (or passport) and Immunisation Certificate for the school to copy. Please note that the Immunisation Certificate required by the school is a certificate which is signed by your family doctor certifying that your child has been immunised to five years old.  Enrolment Forms can be picked up from the school office. Please note: all enrolment information must be completed for pre school visits to proceed.

What are School Visits?

Part of your child’s transition to school is to have 3-4 school visits. Children about to turn five years of age will be invited to visit, with a parent/whānau. These visits will be prior to the child’s 5th birthday. The classroom visits provide an opportunity for the parent/s/whānau to meet the teacher and become familiar with the school environment, as well as the classroom they will be in. This is an exciting time for both you and your child. Details and times of these visits will be posted out. If you are unable to make any of the visits, please email sandys@pbs.school.nz and another time can be arranged.

What will my child need on the first day of school?

Your child will need items on the stationery list (purchased from stationery outlet).  A stationery list is available from the office. All children need to have a healthy packed lunch and a plastic drink bottle in their school bag, ready to hang on the hook for their very first day at Paraparaumu Beach School! When buying a school bag, please buy one big enough to fit their book bag, lunchbox, school jacket, etc.

What if my child is transferring from another school?

Simply come in to visit our lovely Office team and they will arrange for you to take a stroll through our school grounds and a few classrooms.  A decision will be made about which class your child would be best suited to. This may depend on things such as age, year group, academic or social needs.

What are School Zones?

From time to time, the Ministry of Education directs schools to establish an enrolment zone to prevent overcrowding.  Paraparaumu Beach School currently has a zone, meaning we can only accept enrolments from students who live in the zone.    

Enrolment Procedures

Early enrolment of a child makes the school's organisation a lot easier to ensure a planned, successful start for all new entrant children.

There is an official enrolment form that needs to be returned to the office. Verification of age needs to be sighted from a birth certificate, or passport. A copy of immunisation records and, for non New Zealand citizens, proof of residency, visa, passport records and work permit are required, along with the completed enrolment form.  Proof of in-zone residency is also required by the Principal and Ministry of Education.

A "Parent Information Meeting" is held 2 - 3 times a year for parents of children turning five, where an explanation of teaching and learning programmes and procedures and preparation for school are outlined.  Pre-school visits are arranged before a new entrant starts school and contact will be made with you by the Tātahi Syndicate Administrator. A smooth and positive transition to school is important and we work hard to ensure that this happens.

A 'Transitioning to School’ booklet is available by clicking on the link to the right under "Enrolments" Folder, or from your child's teacher.  This booklet outlines ways in which you can help prepare your child for their transition to school. Adequate preparation is very important for children and we appreciate feedback on how well (or not) we do it.