COVID-19 Updates

Tuesday 25 August

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister we remain at Alert Level 2. Just a reminder that while everyone is onsite at PBS during Alert Level 2, we must adhere to key health measures including:
  • Good hand hygiene and cough and sneeze practices
  • Staying away if sick
  • Keeping the appropriate physical distance from others
  • Cleaning and disinfecting our high touch surfaces daily
  • Displaying QR code posters at our entrances and encouraging all of our community to download the NZ COVID Tracer App and use it if they come onsite
  • Keeping a visitor register for anyone who cannot use the app and for other visitors who come onsite for a period of time.
We know all these things will help to keep our community as safe as possible. Because of these measures, your child does not need to wear a face covering while at school. We will of course support them should they choose to do so.  Any bus service PBS uses for trips are privately chartered, they are not public buses.  This means that students will not be required to wear face masks, unless they want to.  The Ministry will update us if this rule changes. 

For those of you who might be finding things more difficult than usual, a reminder that there is a large range of support available for businesses and the community. We encourage you to go to the for more information, or get in touch and we will help you to find the information and support you need.

Finally, I just want to reinforce the requirement for parents/caregivers to keep children at home if they have a cold, cough, sniffle or flu.  Our staff are doing the same if they feel unwell and not soldiering on like they may have in the past (hence a higher number of relief teachers recently).  

Thank you for your ongoing understanding.  
Jess Ward
Friday 21 August

Kia Ora Parents
Please don't be alarmed - there are no Covid19 cases at PBS.  However I know that adults and kids, who have cold/flu symptoms, throughout NZ are being vigilant and getting tested.  The question that has therefore been posed to me is - "If a school parent has been tested should their child/children be allowed to attend school?".  
The advice from Healthline is that if the child/children are well and showing no symptoms then they can continue to attend school.  However I think that the advice from the Ministry of Health is clearer -  "General advice is for the person who has been swabbed to self-isolate and stay away from other family members until results are provided.  If they are concerned or it is not practical to self isolate then any children should stay home with them." 
Be kind, stay safe everyone 
Jess Ward
Wednesday 12 August


Dear PBS Parents 

The Government has signalled a move to Alert Level 2 for areas outside of Auckland. This means that whilst it is safe for all students and staff to attend school we need to reinstate certain safety procedures (see attached). Safe and sensible practices for hygiene and contact tracing will be part of normal practice. As part of these procedures we are discouraging parents from coming onto the school site, unless necessary (NB -we are making an exception for parent-teacher interviews tomorrow). Parents needing to come onto the school site during the regular school day will be required to use the school’s QR code or sign in at the office. 

PARENT - TEACHER INTERVIEWS will still go ahead as planned tomorrow afternoon and evening, however parents will be required to use hand sanitiser and sit at a social distance from staff. We understand if parents would rather re-schedule (please email your child’s teacher) or if parents want to set up a ZOOM or phone call meeting instead (please email your child’s teacher). 

On the right hand side menu tab you will find a copy of the August 2020 operations plan , which has been developed to give greater clarity to ‘school life at Level 2’. We urge you to read all of it. This document sits under our overarching Pandemic Plan for Paraparaumu Beach School. Planning in greater detail enables everyone to have greater awareness of the issues at hand and helps to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone in our school community. We know this is a lot of information but we feel it’s necessary to keep you as informed as possible at this time. 
Be kind and stay well,
Jess Ward - Principal Zoe Pearson - Board Chair
Tuesday 9 June 

Yay, our team of five million has achieved what few other countries have been able to do!  Thanks again to parents for your understanding and support of our school and processes during this time.  Your emails of thanks have also been greatly appreciated and they spurred us on to keep a positive mindset.
At school, this means many things will be back to normal - though we will be encouraging the kids to keep up the great hygiene and hand-washing practices for ever more!  We’re on a roll with this now, so it makes sense to continue to be vigilant.

Other changes include:
  • We will be able to host a full school assembly towards the end of this term 
  • Parents are no longer required to complete a Covid19 tracing register when popping into school
Tuesday 26 May 
Our Alert Level two plans are running smoothly.  Thanks to everyone for adhering to these.  With Level 2 being extended for another 4 weeks,  we will keep these plans in place.  There are just a few changes and or reminders I wish to bring to your attention:
  • Parents/Visitors on the school site - Remember we are asking that parents and visitors only come onto our school site if absolutely necessary.  Please do not relax your vigilance in this area.  If you do have to come onto the school site you must register via the QR code or sign in at the office on every visit.
  • If parents are waiting within the school grounds or outside the gates please remember to social distance - this is for your own health but also because role modelling is important for the children to see.
  • There will be no written reporting for PBS students at the end of this term.  We have not been able to carry out Term 1 or Term 2 assessments as usual, and we do not feel now is the right time to add any extra stress on teachers or students.  
  • We have had a small number of parents tell us that the hand sanitiser is causing irritation.  Children can use hand sanitizer or soap (with thorough hand washing).  They do not have to do both.  If your child’s skin is especially sensitive then we suggest putting a bar of soap into a zip lock bag that they can keep at school for their use.
  • Drying hands after washing is important.  In our bathrooms we have a roller towel system, but we also have paper towels inside every classroom if kids prefer this option.  Your child can bring their own hand towel (to keep in their bag) if this is preferrable.
  • During Covid-19 all NZ schools are required to submit student attendance data to the Ministry of Education. This data will enable the Ministry to help schools with attendance concerns and to return to normal operation.  The Ministry has therefore asked schools to inform parents and whānau about this collection and the reason for it, so they can maintain your trust during this period.
  • Whilst children (and staff) have enjoyed the split break times, a sense of ‘getting back to normal’ will help children realise that NZ is healing.  For this reason we will revert to morning tea and lunch breaks together next week.  However, as an aside, split break times is something we want to investigate further as a future possibility as some benefits have been noted recently.
  • Thank you for all the kind words and gratitude the staff have received in recent weeks.  Along with all NZ schools we are trying our best to navigate these unusual times.
Fri 22 May

This week has gone very well. Our students are feeling happy, safe and calm. For this reason we are going to ease back to the normal start and end of day times. From Monday all students will start at 8.55am and finish at 3pm daily. There will be normal road patrols at these times as well.

Under Alert Level 2, parents and visitors will still need to stay off site unless absolutely necessary. If you are coming on-site you MUST use the QR code or register at the office.
Thank you
Jess Ward
Wed 13 May

Paraparaumu Beach School’s Operations Plan under Alert Level 2

Dear PBS Parents
The Government, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health have declared it safe for all schools to open under Alert Level 2. Safe and sensible practices for hygiene and contact tracing will be part of normal practice. All students and staff will be able to return, so long as they remain well.

We have developed an Operations Plan to give greater clarity into ‘school life at Level 2’.  We urge you to read all of it.  This document sits under our overarching Pandemic Plan for Paraparaumu Beach School.  Planning in greater detail enables everyone to have greater awareness of the issues at hand and helps to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone in our school community.

We are supplying parents with this full plan (CLICK ON THE LINKS and DOCUMENTS TAB on the menu bar at the right hand side of this page to locate this document), however there are particular key points we wish to draw your attention to.
  • Re-establishing wellbeing and relationships at school needs to occur before we can launch into learning
  • We’ve changed the school timetable - just while we are in Alert Level 2
  • Every parent or visitor who comes onto the school site needs to enter their details in a Contact Tracing Register.  Therefore we actually ask that parents do not come on site unless absolutely necessary
  • Student Attendance - what you need to know

We know this is a lot of information but we feel it’s necessary to keep you as informed as possible at this time.  
Kia kaha, be kind and stay well,Jess Ward - Principal Zoe Pearson - Board Chair
Friday 8 May
Hi Everyone
I have started planning for moving to Alert Level 2, but will not be putting any formal communication out until the Government makes an official announcement.  Moving to Alert Level 2 is complex and will involve many hours of planning, which we want to get right, so I ask for your patience while we work through the details.
Thanks for your understanding,
 Jess Ward 
Monday 4 May

Dear PBS Parents and Caregivers 
I just wanted to give you a quick update on how we are doing under Alert Level 3.  

Our distance learning is going well; a large majority of our students are engaging with teachers and taking part in learning.  I know our teachers and teacher aides have been working hard to provide a range of tasks and offer support.  Classroom teachers are pleased with their students’ optimism and efforts.  It is apparent though that the kids are really missing their friends and the face to face interaction of school.  If all Kiwis keep following the rules for Alert Level 3 then hopefully there’ll be little delay in us moving to Alert Level 2.

Last week we were able to open for children whose parents needed them to attend.  We had 17 students register to attend, but only 11 showed up due to changed plans/shift work.  This week we have a few more in attendance. The planning to enable this re-opening was time-consuming, but staff put their heads together and worked through the details to ensure we covered off all the public health measures.   No doubt moving into Alert Level 2 will require many more hours of careful planning, but we will get there with great team work.

I know that this time continues to bring challenges for parents, especially when balancing work and care for your children.  Stress is certainly a factor that will be affecting many families and I want to remind you to reach out to others if you’re having difficulty.  I am always at the end of an email or phone call (on school number 2985775 during work hours).   Please take care of yourselves - you are important to us.
Kia kaha
Jess Ward
27 April 2020


Kia Ora PBS parents and caregivers
The nature of opening schools under Alert Level 3 creates a new and wide range of difficulties for us to work through, so we urge you to read this newsletter thoroughly.  Whilst some of the details below may seem very detailed, they are intended to meet our Government’s Health and Safety pandemic requirements.

At Paraparaumu Beach school we are fortunate to have had enough staff volunteer themselves to come to school to supervise students, whilst they continue to teach the rest of their class remotely.  Needless to say, these staff are enlarging their own bubbles as a result of coming to work on site, so we ask that you keep strictly to these rules so that we can continue to protect everyone’s health and wellbeing.

As well as reading and respecting the guidelines below, we also request that you continue to keep your own household bubble small too.  This is because by sending your child to school you are already immediately increasing your bubble by an additional ten people (plus the people in those people’s bubbles too).  If we all work diligently on this as a team, by keeping bubbles small and continuing with good hand washing/hygiene practices at home, then we can all enjoy a high level of comfort and confidence.

We know that this is a strange time for your child; school will be different for them under Alert Level 3, but we will endeavour to do our very best to make this a workable situation for all involved.  

Kind Regards
Jess Ward - Principal and Zoe Pearson - Board Chairperson

Paraparaumu Beach School’s procedures for children attending school under Alert Level 3:
School Buildings
  • School buildings are closed environments.  This means that parents will not be able to enter school buildings when picking up or dropping off their child.
  • Contact with the school office will be via phone and email.  The school office will be manned between 8.30am and 3pm to answer these enquiries.
Drop off & Pickup
  • When dropping off your child please drive into the school grounds, continue to the end of the driveway and drop your child/children off on the basketball court area.  
  • To activate gates to the school carpark drive up to them (you have to get close) and wait for them to open
  • The basketball court area can also be used for pick ups.  
  • Please drive slowly at all times, when in the school grounds, keeping an eye out for students and other drivers.
  • Do not exit your vehicle unless necessary.
  • Please observe physical distancing and do not approach other parents or enter into their spaces.
Start and Finish Times
  • To ensure we can manage the movement of students the following times will apply during Level 3.
  • DROP OFF: 8.45 AM - 9.00 AM. Please do not drop students off before this time.  
  • PICK UP: 2.45 PM - 3.00 PM.  Please do not enter the school buildings and observe physical distancing while waiting. We would appreciate you being there at this time to pick up your child.
Classroom Bubbles
  • Each bubble will consist of up to 7 students and three staff.  Staff will take turns supervising students
  • Each child will be instructed to apply hand sanitiser before entering and exiting rooms (including before and after going to the bathroom).  School will supply this product.
  • Each bubble will have 2 classroom spaces open for their use.  For this reason we have selected Rooms 1 - 8, this will enable plenty of spacing between students. 
  • Each bubble will have their own bathroom allocated to them.

NB: The room number for your child’s classroom bubble and the staff included in this bubble are noted in the body of the email to you. 
Student Learning
  • It is important to note that the staff member/s present in the room will not be teaching your child.  The staff member will be supervising students as they continue their distance learning programme provided by their usual classroom teacher.  
  • The staff member present in the room still has their own class to provide remote learning to at the same times as supervising your child.  
  • Please make sure your child brings their stationery,  device and charger, and a pair of headphones to school daily.  Ensure these items are named.  If your child does not have a device the school will do their best to provide one.  If devices at school need to be shared then they will be cleaned between student use. 
Social Distancing
  • Students will be asked to maintain a 1 m spacing while inside.
  • Students will be asked to maintain a 2 m spacing outside.
  • Students will be assigned to a particular seat and desk.  This will be their space each day.
  • Students must not share items; includes stationery, food, drink bottles etc.
Behaviour Expectations
  • Students attending school under Alert Level 3 are expected to follow the usual agreements and our school CREST values
  • If a student was to become defiant or uncooperative you will be contacted and asked to come and collect your child immediately, to ensure the continued safety of all as we do not have the capacity to deal with such behaviour at this time. 
  • I am sure that this will not be an issue but it's important that you are aware of this up front 
First Aid
  • Staff within each classroom bubble will attend to the minor first aid needs of their students e.g. giving out plasters and ice packs.
  • If a higher level of care is required the child will be attended to by a member of Senior Management (wearing PPE) and will be placed in the first aid room.  
  • If your child shows any cold or flu like symptoms, parents/caregivers will be contacted to collect the child immediately.  
  • There will be regular break times though these may be at slightly different times to normal
  • Please make sure that your child has their morning tea and their lunch. There will be no lunch orders during Alert Level 3. 
  • Please make sure that your child has a named drink bottle.  Use of the water fountains will not be permitted.
  • The adventure playgrounds will remain closed.
  • No PE equipment will be available- however your child may bring named items of their own to use (by themselves or with siblings) at break times.
  • If your child has a scooter they may bring this to use - provided they maintain social distancing.
  • To enable staff to have morning tea and lunch breaks, students’ play will be supervised by a member of Senior Management.  As these staff are not formally a part of the classroom bubbles, they will have to supervise play from a distance of 2 metres.  If hands-on interaction is required this member of Senior Management will inform the child’s “bubble teacher” to attend.  
Absence from school
  • School starts at 9am as usual. If your child is going to be late to school, you must ring and let the office staff know.  When your child does arrive they will go straight to their bubble classroom not to the office.  
  • The Ministry requires schools to keep a contact tracing register everyday and therefore need to know who is at school and who we are expecting. 
  • If your child will not be attending school that day, please email or ring the school office.  

Friday 24 April

Kia Ora PBS parents and caregivers,

A couple of important things we need you to know:
1. If you haven't completed the student attendance survey (sent to your email address) we need you to do that by 3pm today.

2. If you indicate on this survey that you need to send your child to school from next Wednesday onwards then you will receive an additional email (over the weekend) from school with the procedures you need to follow

3. There will be no remote teaching on Monday (ANZAC day acknowledged) or Tuesday (Government assigned Teacher Only day)

4. Stay well in your bubble - you are important to us!
Ka kite ano, Jess Ward
Tuesday 21 April

Moving to Alert Level 3

Kia ora PBS whānau, parents and students

I hope everything is going well in your bubble and your family is managing to do some learning from home.  I want to remind you again to just do what you can with the learning tasks.  Our aim is to just keep young minds stimulated at this time and I know families are doing this in many different ways.  Great job!

Yesterday afternoon Jacinda Ardern announced that NZ will be moving  into Alert Level 3 at 11.59pm on Monday 27 April. This means that schools will be open to receive students from Wednesday the 29th of April.   

For many schools the logistics of operating under Alert Level 3 is actually a lot more complicated than teaching remotely under Alert Level 4.  There are many things we need to work through e.g. How will the medical room operate? How do we stagger break times/pick up and drop off times to ensure each bubble of 10 children does not meet? Which bathrooms get assigned to which bubble? And so the list goes on.  Fortunately, we have a few days up our sleeve to work through many of these issues and ensure we are compliant with Ministry of Education guidelines.

The key message for you is that if you can, you should keep your child/children at home and continue with the remote learning our staff is providing. You should only physically send your child to school if you need to.  However it’s important to stress that students attending school will not experience a school day as they have known it previously.

Under Alert 3 we simply cannot replicate a familiar school day.  Students will be in a bubble of ten (including any siblings they have), they will be likely sitting at an individual desk and will not be able to share stationery or resources. It’s also highly likely that they will not have their regular classroom teacher and will be with other students of a range of ages, not necessarily students they know.  The adventure playgrounds will still be closed off and play equipment will not be shared. I say these things not to scare you off sending your child/children back to school, but so that you have the information you need to prepare your child/children for the differences they will experience if you need to send them to school.

If your child has a health condition, which means they are at a greater risk of a severe illness, you must keep them at home.  If your child is sick please also ensure you keep them at home. In order to ensure the safety of those children and staff who do come to school, we will be operating with strict enforcement of health and safety measures. 

Later today we will be sending every family a google survey link via email which we need you to complete by Friday this week.  In this survey please tell us whether you can keep your child learning from home, or if you need your child to physically attend school in person. 

For now, we are awaiting additional guidance from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to support the safe re-opening of schools. This will help us work through the public health requirements that we all need to meet. We want to be sure that what we do will keep our community as safe as possible.

Stay safe and well everyone
Nga mihi
Jess Ward
Tuesday 14 April

Learning from Home 
Kia Ora PBS families and kids 

Learning from Home starts Wednesday 15 April and will look different for each syndicate.   By now you should have all heard individually from your child's teacher or syndicate.  However in the RESOURCE menu on the right hand side of this screen (under LEARNING FROM HOME) you can find more information from your child's syndicate about Learning from Home. Over the next few days more will be posted here to support you at home.  

The key message from us to you is to 'Just do what you can'.  Don't create stress for yourself or your child by trying to do everything on offer or everything suggested.  Well-being and good mental health are the most important things whilst we are all in isolation.
Kia kaha.
Monday 6 April

Kia Ora PBS Community

Below is some information and a range of links from the Ministry of Education which families may find helpful at this time. Please take a look and share the information with others who you think maybe finding isolation particularly difficult.

Stay well everyone, Jess Ward.

MoE Wellbeing information updated including new tip sheets for families, caregivers and whānau

We have slightly updated the wellbeing information on our website to better reflect how the COVID-19 response has changed over the last weeks. Included in there are three new tip sheets for parents, caregivers and teachers:
If you know someone who might be struggling in your school or early learning service community, there are a large range of supports in place that may be able to assist including:
24 March 2020 3.15pm

Dear PBS families 

The Ministry of Education has announced that the School Holidays will be brought forward so that they occur within the 4 week closure period. School holidays will now begin on Monday 30 March to Tuesday 14 April inclusive (as schools always observe Easter Tuesday). This means that until Wednesday 15 April you can enjoy some ‘chill time’ with your children and focus on the health and wellbeing of those in your household.  

From Wednesday 15 April, all NZ schools are expected to provide learning for students to work on at home. Currently teachers and syndicates at PBS are planning and refining these ‘at home’ learning opportunities. When ‘home learning’ time begins, we are really keen to stress to parents to just do what you can. Below I’ve compiled some do’s and don’ts:

  • Do focus on emotional well being.  Find time to laugh and keep things light and positive.
  • Do fun, low-key activities with your kids: Read to your child, play games, do puzzles, draw, bake...
  • Get kids out in the backyard for fresh air and exercise
  • Have lots of discussions with your child - oral language is great for brain development
  • Try to balance device time with hands on tasks and physical activity 
  • Find ways for kids to keep in touch with friends e.g. phone calls, skype, share photos of what they’ve been up to etc
  • Reach out if you are feeling stressed e.g. email your child’s teacher, email me, talk to a friend, call a helpline

  • Don’t sit your child down between 9am and 3pm and try to recreate daily life at school.  Doing this is likely to stress you and your children out.
  • Don’t feel the need to complete every single task your child’s teacher sets.  We will simply be offering a range of things to select from.  
  • Don’t worry about your child’s learning progress.  All NZ kids are in the same situation and they will be ok. 
Between now and Wednesday 15 April your child’s teacher or syndicate team will be in touch with you with further information about what ‘learning from home’ tasks they are planning.  

Lastly I want to inform you of two websites the Ministry of Education has launched, “Learning from Home” and “Ki te Ao Mārama”.  These websites include resources for parents, students and teachers. More resources will be added as they’re developed. The information and resources are available at and you do not have internet connectivity at home, the Ministry and our school will work on getting hard copy packs out to you (from 15 April).

Kia kaha, stay calm and stay well.

Jess Ward (Principal) and Zoe Pearson (Board Chair)

Monday 23 March 7pm

Kia ora PBS Whānau 

With today’s announcement by Government, our teaching staff will be working over the next few days on how to support your child’s learning from home. We appreciate this is a sudden and significant change, and will be heavily disruptive to many people in our community.  As staff it is a significant operational change too, but one that all kiwi schools and teachers are facing. There are more details on the official Government website Current COVID-19 alert level.

For children of essential workers, we look forward to seeing your child here at school tomorrow morning at the normal time. You may wish to check if you are considered an essential worker -  however those roles include doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and police. We continue to ask that children who are not well, do not attend school.

LEARNING FROM HOMEIn the coming days, we will notify families with regards to how we intend to support your child’s learning from your home.  Learning from home will look different depending on the age of your child.  
  •  For students in Years 1-4 we will be using a range of approaches which may include photocopied work, hands on learning ideas, digital content via SeeSaw
  • Students in Years 5-8 will be able to access digital platforms on their chromebooks just like they do at school. Teachers will be in touch with more details soon.  However if your Year 5-8 child has left things at PBS like their chromebooks and headphones which may need over the coming weeks, they may pop into school to collect these items tomorrow between the hours of 9am and 3pm. Conversely, students in Years 5-8 who do not own their own chromebook the school is prepared to loan them one.  
There will be some parents who need others to help care for their child/children for a variety of reasons. If this applies to your household then that other ‘caregiver’ needs to be identified as part of your self-isolation group.  Families need to form their own personal plan about this before midnight Wednesday and the group must remain the same for the whole 4 week period. The caregiver’s own group (eg, their partner and children), your child and your own group (eg, your parents and other children) become one group. This group needs to be limited to minimise any risk of spread and should be no more than 20 people.

GUIDING CHILDREN THROUGH THIS STRANGE TIMEYour child will be looking to you for guidance about this decision. Parents, caregivers, whānau and teachers will have a particularly important part to play in reassuring children at this time. If you haven’t already done so, you may wish to read the information put together by the Ministry of Education to support your conversations with your children – Talking to children about COVID-19.

As noted by the Prime Minister these restrictions are our best chance to slow the virus in New Zealand and to save lives. We all have a clear role here to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

We will continue to communicate with you over the coming days. Thank you for your ongoing support of our PBS staff and school community.

Kia kaha, stay safe and stay well.

Jess Ward (Principal) and Zoe Pearson (Board Chair)

Monday 23 March 2.37pm

Kia Ora Families

Jacinda Ardern has announced that New Zealand is moving to Alert Level 3 and then Alert Level 4 within 48 hours. This means all NZ schools will be closing. At PBS we are currently preparing a full communication notice which will be posted here later this afternoon/early evening. Please keep yourself informed by reading this information.

Kia kaha, stay calm and stay well.

Jess Ward (Principal) and Zoe Pearson (Board chair)

Sunday 22 March

Kia Ora PBS Whanau

With the announcement that New Zealand has moved to Alert Level 2 – Reduce Contact for COVID-19, I will be posting regular updates directly to this page, rather than communicating via our weekly newsletter.  Please ensure you check in and read these updates. This announcement stated that people over 70 years of age and those with compromised immunity and certain existing medical conditions are asked to remain at home as much as they can from now on and avoid any non-essential travel. This means that some PBS students and staff will be unable to attend school. High risk individuals also include people with underlying medical conditions, such as:
  • a compromised immune system
  • liver disease
  • cancer
  • kidney disease
  • heart disease
  • diabetes mellitus
The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health are sending schools daily updates. The Ministry of Education and my own staff are working to plan what learning we could provide if schools were to be closed for a long period of time.

At PBS our Leadership Team, Staff and Board of Trustees are acting on the advice we have to hand. We are doing our best to stay on top of this swiftly changing landscape. A large portion of the staff have been having digital dialogue today about options for learning from home (if that were to happen).

We are also fielding a number of queries from parents and are doing our best to respond in a timely manner. If your child/children are going to be away for any reason please contact the school office. Every day last week we had a high number of absences and it looks like this coming week will be the same. Teachers will still have classes to teach at school but will also do their best to provide some work for those students off site. It will be difficult to cater for everyone, especially if we have reduced staffing. Each teacher’s first responsibility will be those students who remain at school. Unfortunately the situation is going to remain uncertain for some time yet.

Take care everyone - you matter to us!

Jess Ward