PRIDE Challenge

What evidence do I have to provide for the teacher?

This depends on the task.
Photos are a good way to capture different parts of an activity. 
Usually we would expect a write up about the activity, especially if there were no photos. 
Some people have created their own certificates using a computer and had their coach/instructor sign it. 
You could take a video and bring it to school to show the class. 
Maybe you could perform the activity in front of the class/syndicate.

Do I have to do PRIDE homework?

No - although we do encourage you to have a go.  Some of the activities on the list are things you might already be doing.  You just need to document it.

What if I don't get all of my challenges completed?

You have had a go and that is what is important.  The people who complete their 9/10 activities will get some sort of award to recognise their achievements.

I've lost my checklist. What should I do?

Don't panic! if you have the evidence you can still show your teacher.  Just reprint a checklist from here.

What does it mean, quality is more important than quantity?

We want you to take PRIDE in your work and achievements.  Just because something is long with lots of photos doesn't necessarily mean it is good quality.  Spend time checking over your work and