Websites for kids

Throughout our school website you will find suggested weblinks to assist you with your child's learning. Students will need to log in to access  any links on their classroom page.

The links below are all educational sites which focus on a wider range of curriculum areas and interests.

The majority of the links were suggested in 'New Zealand Interface' magazine, which supports the use of ICT in learning.  

Web content can change overtime, however at the time of publishing content on each site was checked by a staff member and deemed appropriate.

Welcome to the CBBC website. Here you can play free kids games, watch episodes & clips and find lots of things to do.
Problem Solving and Educational Games - solve problems, brainteasers and puzzles, and play educational games at The Problem Site. 

English websites

Another way to test vocabulary. You're shown a sentence with a missing word. Click the onscreen keyboard to fill in the blanks. It's against the clock and there are various levels of difficulty. 

Maths websites

All students in Years 1 - 8 have their own username and password for theMathletics website.  If your child is having difficulty logging on to Mathletics from home, please check the minimum computer requirements document on the upper righthand tool bar.  
This American Maths website is completely aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum. This comprehensive site provides maths tasks specifically for children to practice their skills.  This site may eventually time to out ;(
In the online game Math Attack you're a doctor and your objective is to stop viruses and bacteria by answering mathematical questions and basic facts. Most suitable for Year 5-8 ability level.
Lots of games = lots of fun!

Science/Enviro websites

Fancy going on safari? Wild Earth broadcasts online 24/7 from Djuma Game Reserve in South Africa. You can follow rangers, ask questions and watch highlights

Rustle and his friends host a fun and informative collection of online cominc strips, e-movies and information about the environment.