Ngaru (Years 3/4)

Ngaru is our Year 3/4 Syndicate, which consists of seven classes:
Room 5 - Mrs Tina Purdie/Mrs Rebecca Jackson
Room 6 - Ms Cristie Gray
Room 9 - Mr Jon McCormick
Room 10 - Mrs Kathryn Siversen (Syndicate Leader)
Room 11 - Mrs Angie Busing/Mrs Kaye Gilman
Room 12 - Mrs Brenda Staples

Access full syndicate page
To see the full Syndicate page, photos and resources your child needs to sign in as this information is blocked to the general public.  To view your child's class page, sign in using their username and password. Then click dashboard and the 'Ngaru' tab.  If your child has forgotten this information please speak with their teacher. 

Educational Websites

We have included some educational websites that have been recommended to us. Please note that they are suggested sites only and we are unable to guarantee the content.