Home Learning

As part of our reading programme, your child will bring home a book to read to you each night from Monday to Thursday. The book that they bring home is usually the one that they have read with the teacher that day. On occasions, the children may bring home a book that they have chosen from their browsing basket. These are texts that they have already read.

To support your child to become an independent reader, they need lots of practice with repetitive texts which are easy and do not cause frustration. The books from the children’s browsing baskets provide this support. If your child does happen to bring home a book they have already seen please share it with them again. 

If your child experiences difficulty with a word when reading their book to you, ask them to sound out the first letter, to look at the picture for a clue then get them to say what the word could be. Please praise them for the attempt and if they do get the word wrong, tell them what it is. 

Reading at home should be a pleasure for both of you, not a chore that ends in lots of frustration.
The following is a brief explanation of what the Home Learning Folders contain. If you have any questions please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

Number Knowledge

Each week your child will come home with a maths activity that they need to practise in their Home Learning Book.

On this website, in each labelled folder there are games that you can download, print and play with your child. These games will help to reinforce the number knowledge activity being learnt that week.
The folders contain items that your child needs to learn and recall quickly. “The presence of instant recall, that is to say knowledge, is a pre-condition that allows higher level thinking to take place.” -http://nzmaths.co.nz/

Essential Spelling Lists

Each week your child will bring home words to learn from the ‘Essential’ lists.  You can download and print the lists to work on at home.  This will help your child develop their visual memory of words, so that they can create texts that meet the curriculum demands.

High Frequency Words

The words in this folder match the reading levels that your child maybe reading at depending on their ability.  It is advantageous that your child knows these words, as the instant recognition of these, will assist with your child’s reading fluency. 

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