Tu Meke Time

Paraparaumu Beach School prides itself on having a happy and safe environment, in which our students are expected to make good behaviour choices. Tu Meke Time is one way PBS reinforces great behaviour, as it provides a time to celebrate together and foster our CREST values.
How it works:
  • Tu Meke Time is held in the last week of each term.
  • Each teacher chooses a fun activity to run for an hour. These activities are displayed on a list for students to select from.
  • Each student selects three activities, one of which they will be placed in.
  • All students who have behaved well at school (during that term) will be automatically included in this fun event.
  • At times there are one or two few students who have made poor behaviour choices, as documented on eTap, will not attend.  
  • Each term, students will begin with a clean slate and be regularly reminded about their goal of attending Tu Meke Time.