Learning Support

Our school community and our Board of Trustees are very supportive and proactive in ensuring that all children are treated in an inclusive environment catering for the particular needs that our children may have.
In order to be able to cater for all children there are various support mechanisms in place. These include:
  • Quick 60 Literacy Programme Years 1 - 4
  • Learning Support
  • 1:1 assistance
  • In class support
  • Advice and guidance to parents
  • Guidance/ liaison with other professionals ie speech language therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists etc
  • Teacher Support
People involved in the above areas include:
  • Vicki Wilson - Quick 60 Teacher
  • Carrie Reid - Special Needs Teacher
  • And our fabulous team of Teacher Aides- Deb Schreiber, Anne Taurua, Deb Brewer, Sally Saunders, Kay Buckland-Jones, Melissa Chrystal, Julie Buckley, Cherie Wood, Lucy Tether and Kim Hunter.
Please feel free to come and talk about your child's learning needs at any stage. :)